Chateau Vitallis

The Château Vitallis wines



It stands among some of the finest, most exquisite wines. Its colour ranges from a pale to a strong gold with green shades.

The minerals present in the soil, almond, hazelnut, citrus fruits ( such as lemon, grapefruit and pineapple), white fleshed fruits (such as peach), linden, acacia, bread, brioche or even honey are all different aromas that make its bouquet up.

Although it is already highly enjoyable during its first years, a Pouilly Fuissé wine can be left in a cellar for a while. This way, it will gain even more elaborated aromas which make the Pouilly Fuissé wine one of the finest Burgundy white wines.

Tips from a wine waiter

The Pouilly Fuissé wine goes very well with sophisticated shellfish (such as Mediterranean prawns, lobster, crayfish) as well as with foie gras. Being sharp and smooth at the same time, it goes well with white meat (such as veal or poultry served in a creamy sauce) and, of course, with goat cheese.

This highly aromatic wine will go well with exotic dishes such as couscous, fish tajines, sushi or even sweet and sour prawns.
To be served between 10 and 12°C.